Manual needle and syringe destroyer

Maxtech–M (Manual needle and syringe destroyer)

Simple to operate
Portable, economical
Eliminates hazards of needle & syringe re-use
  How to use
To destroy needles, insert used needle fully into small insert and press the squeeze handles with a fast squeezing action until needle is cut
To destroy syringes, insert syringe nozzle fully into large orifice and press the handles with a fast squeezing action until syringe nozzle is cut  or gets damaged (making it unfit for re-use)

Maxtech– E (Electric needle and syringe destroyer)

Suitable for all hypodermic syringes( needles of 16-30 gauge)
Table top economical model,negligible power consumption
Uses 220-240 V AC-50 Hz electric supply
Burns needle and destroys syringe in seconds
Maxtech-E is easy and safe to operate
stop syringe recycling and prevent HIV spread
NS-EN ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2008 certified!
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